25th of April – Luke Jermay Lecture

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Imagine you chance upon a man. You spend a few hours with him and emerge with an entire, structured, professional show. A show with minimal props; which cost almost nothing to make and yet will allow you to easily walk into any venue and perform a devastatingly strong mind reading show that you can be proud to charge a professional fee for. Imagine no more. There is a man who can teach you all of this. This man is Luke Jermay.

Jermay’s live lecture focuses entirely on the mind reading demonstrations he performs for the paying public, all supported by the insight and theory you need to perform these demonstrations of telepathy and mentalism. Jermay promises an amazing blend of original and powerful mentalism that will have even the most skeptical audience member scratching their head in disbelief.

Specifically, effects with no stooges, cold reading or preshow work. This is an event not to be missed! Tuesday, April 25th.

Doors 6.30pm.

Lecture starts at 7pm.

Price: £12 for non-members (members free).