26th of April – Ian Rowland Lecture

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We are really excited to have none other than Ian Rowland come to our club to lecture on this evening!

Ian will present his new 2016 lecture, including the four brand new effects he presented at Blackpool. These include ‘RAMA’ (Read Any Mind Anywhere) and ‘The Mind Maze’ (how to fascinate someone for five minutes, and get them to want to book you, without performing a single effect!). The emphasis will be on mentalism, but there will also be some card items and stories. Ian will also talk about his work as a corporate speaker and trainer, and how he integrates magic and mentalism into his training presentations. It promises to be a fun, entertaining evening with something for everyone from beginner to pro.


£12 for Non-Members (Members go free)

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Lecture starts at 7.00pm