8th of November – Close Up Competition

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One of the highlights of the year is upon on us again.

 There’s no need to have the card skills of Dan & Dave or knuckle busting coin technique of David Stone to enter. All we ask is that you have fun and treat it as a great opportunity to practice and show the club what you can do.

Remember, we’re a friendly club who love to see, talk about and perform magic.
So while you’re thinking about what to include in your short routine, here’s a reminder of those rules:
1. All paid up Members qualify for entry.
2. The act may be performed from a close-up table or standing on the room floor, but not on stage.
3. Any ‘close-up’ magic technique and effect can be performed.
4. Duration of the Act must not exceed 10 minutes and not under 8 minutes.
5. As in all competitions, the winner cannot in future years enter with the same act wholly or in part.
If you would like to take part in the competition then just let us know by replying to this email. The running order will be drawn randomly before the evening begins at 7.30 sharp.
Looking forward to a fun night.
Remember to invite family and friends too.
Dan and Dan