9th of July – Pocket Trick Drive

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Hi All

The next meeting at the LSM is the Ron Shimmel Pocket Trick Drive.

Perform one trick 4/5 times around the tables and get marked by other members. Trophy awarded and £25 to winner (only paid up members can enter)

Rules as follows:

1. Performers the same trick all night.
2. On arrival Performers will be given a number that they keep all night.
3. They perform at tables as instructed by the organiser.
4. At the end of each round the competitors mark number of the best trick they see at the table on a piece of paper then returns it to the organiser.
5. Competitors are not allowed to vote for themselves.
6. The winner will be the member with the most votes.
7. There will only be one winner who must be a member of the society.
8. The winner receives £25.00 and hold the trophy  for one year.


Doors: 6:30 pm

Start of evening: 7:00 pm