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8th of January – What I got for Xmas

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Bring along a Christmas present that you got and perform it. If you did not get any magic for Xmas that’s sad, but bring along something new you have not performed at the club before. Or come for a general catch up and chat.

Hope to see you all there!

Doors open: 6:30


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays etc!!

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Hope everyone has fantastic holidays ahead, and enjoy your mince pies!

See you all in the new year!

All the best,

The Dans

11th of December – Xmas Party!!!

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This evening is for Members Only (+partners).


Have a great holiday and see you all in the New Year!


6:30 start


All the best,


27th of November – James Went Lecture

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James Went is full time BAFTA award-winning international close-up magician and creative consultant. Over the last decade, James has established himself as one of the top sleight of hand performers in the UK. James has also used his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things magical to create content for BBC1, CBBC, Five, Discovery, Channel 4 and national theatre productions, including Derren Brown’s ‘Miracle’ tour and the ‘Derren Brown: Underground’ West End run.

He will discuss several tricks from his DVD set ‘Meditations’, as well as discussing what it’s like to work in television and theatre. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the man first hand!

Doors open: 6:30 pm

Lecture starts: 7:00 pm

Price: £12 (for non-members)

13th of November – Close Up Competition

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We’ve got the annual close up competition at our next meeting. This is a great chance to come and see some, hopefully, good and entertaining close up magic.

Rules are as follows:

1. All paid up Members qualify for entry.

2. The act may be performed from a close-up table or standing on the room floor, but not on stage.

3. Any ‘close-up’ magic technique and effect can be performed.

4. Duration of the Act must not exceed 10 minutes and not under 8 minutes.

5. As in all competitions, the winner cannot in future years enter with the same act wholly or in part.

6. Summoning of Demons is strictly prohibited, for health and safety reasons.


Doors open: 6:30 pm

Competition starts: 7:00 pm


23rd of October – AGM

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Where we discuss the year that’s been and what the plans are for next year.

Members Only.

9th of October – Fool Us

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Hello everyone!

This evening is the Fool Us evening, where our members are trying to fool our guest judge.

So get your creative juices flowing, and come up with some fooling trick that you could show to our judge.


Doors: 6:30

Evening starts: 7:30


See you all there!


25th of September – Fritz Alkemade Lecture

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Fritz has performed at the Magic Castle and is one of the busiest working magicians in the Netherlands.

Yes, the country that gave us magicians such as Fred Kaps, Richard Ross, and Tommy Wonder. And now Fritz will share with you how he astonishes his audiences.

What is the lecture about? Two hours of magic that comes straight out Fritz’ professional repertoire. It’s not a lecture; it’s an interactive event, where there is room for discussion on philosophy, impromptu magic, card and coin magic, close and stand up, marketing, etc.

Doors: 6:30 pm

Lecture start: 7:00 pm

Price: £12 (members free)

Location: Davenports Magic Shop

11th of September – Mentalism Competition

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Hello everyone!

This meeting is the annual Mentalism Competition, so come along and have your mind read (maybe).


Rules are simple:

1. Act must be between 8-12 minutes.

2. No pre-show or stooges allowed.

3. The act can be close up or stage, but will be performed in the stage area.

4. No mythical beasts.

5. The room will vote (only paid up members can vote), only first prize and runner up will be announced.

6. Only paid up members can enter.


This is a free evening, so please bring friends (or strangers) so that we have a nice audience for the performers.


Doors open: 6:30pm

Competition starts: 7:00pm


Good luck to everyone who’s entering!

All the best,


28th of August – Magic Free For All

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Hello everyone!

This is a “free for all” meaning, anything goes, and nothing special planned. It’s a good time to show off something you’re working on, or just a catch up after the summer (because it’s basically over).

Doors: 6:30

Meeting start: 7:30

All the best,