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12th of May – Magic Auction

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Hi all,

On Tuesday we have our annual Magic Auction, or more affectionately called Ray’s Night. This is an opportunity to sell some of your unwanted stuff. Just because it doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean somebody else won’t find it useful. So bring your stuff, and come along, and perhaps walk home with something new!

All the best,

Dan and Dan

28th April Anthony Darkstone Lecture

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The next meeting on Tues 28th April will be a lecture presented by Anthony Darkstone.

The London Society of Magicians is delighted to host a lecture by Anthony Darkstone, a.k.a. Tony Brook on Tuesday the 28th April 2015 at 7pm. Dr. Anthony Darkstone does Magic of the Mind. Internationally respected as an entertainer for several decades, he has been referred to as a Magician, Psychic Entertainer, Thought Receptor and as a Sorcerer of the 21st Century. Tony is not only a great magical performer, he also produces and manages many outstanding magic shows in Europe and the United States of America. His approach to magic is not in creating complicated routines, but in using simple ideas to produce strong commercial magic.

Venue: Davenports Magic Shop, 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, The Strand, London WC2N 4HZ. Start time 7pm. Visitors welcome, pay on door £10 (Lectures are free for members). Any questions or to reserve a place email


20th of April – David Ginn Lecture

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Special Announcement!

We are having the good fortune of having David Ginn lecture at our club. Just be aware that it’s on a Monday night and not on a usual club night (Tuesday).

This is his last UK lecture tour, so don’t miss out learning from one of the top entertainers in his field of children’s magic.

This is not to be missed… by anyone. Even if this isn’t the type of shows you do, you will still learn valuable lessons from one of the best.


Lecture starts at 7.00 pm at Davenport’s Magic.

Price: £10 for non-members.

To ensure you get a seat, please contact Bob Pamplin on 07831274263. Tickets will be available on the door, as well.

14th of April – Mini Lectures

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At this meeting there will be mini-lectures by our members, for our members, where they will share some of their expertise with you. Come along and learn something new!



Congratulations to Joseph Badman!

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Joseph Badman was this year’s winner of the Bridger Lewis Stage Competition. A well deserved win!

But a big thank you to the other competitors and to our guest judges for taking their time to judge our competition.

All the best,

Dan & Dan

24th of March – Bridger Lewis Stage Competition

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Without a doubt one of the most popular nights of the year. The Stage Competition. It’s for fully paid members only. So come down and see them compete for the trophy.

Hope to see you all there!

10th of March – No Cards Allowed

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Perform effects without cards.  Any playing cards that appear will earn a forfeit. So this is your chance to show off your skills with coins, ropes or extraordinary feats of magic with, well, not cards.

Doors open at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:30


See you all there!

24th Feb – Magic Free For All

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Next meeting at the LSM, is a “Magic Free For all”.

An evening of free for all magic.  Members and non-members to entertain themselves and others.

This will be an excellent opportunity to show off what you’ve purchased at the Blackpool Magic Convention, or just to show us the latest things you’ve been working on.

Hope to see you all there!

10th Feb – Magic Parcels

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The theme for this night is “Magic Parcels”. Basically what it means is: bring along a trick without the instructions. Then we will split up into groups and be handed on of the mysterious parcels, then we have to figure out either what the trick is, or do something different with the given props, and perform that for the rest of the members.

This night will usually ensure some good laughs at the attempts at figuring out just what to do with the props.

Hope to see you all there!

13th Jan – What did you get for Christmas?

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The first meeting of 2015 is on Tuesday 13th Jan, 7:30pm start.

The theme is ‘What did you get for Christmas?’ which gives you an opportunity to perform effects you got for Christmas.
If you did not receive anything, feel free to perform something else your working on.

This year will run a bit differently as we have the pleasure to welcome Dan Stanbridge and Daniel Young to the LSM committee, who will be involved in driving the LSM in 2015.

We will update the 2015 Calendar next week which will be posted on the LSM Web site and emailed out to you.i