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October 25th – AGM

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This is the Annual General Meeting for the club.

Members only.

11th of October – Mark Elsdon Lecture

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On this evening we have Mark Elsdon coming to lecture at our club. In his own words:


Mark Elsdon – 2016/2017 Lecture

The lecture is titled ‘Miracles Take A Little Longer’ and is comprised of Mark teaching original magic and mentalism, plus the techniques and methods he uses behind the scenes to achieve maximum impact and really affect people with his performances. The content includes:

Walkaround card and coin magic – practical, commercial material that can be performed under any conditions.

Close-up mentalism – for those times when you want your performance to have more resonance and leave a lasting impression on people.

Stand-up mentalism that is short on process and long on entertainment. Focussing on the interaction with the audience, this time-tested material is ready to go straight into your act.

A whole section on his critically-acclaimed ‘Conversation As Mentalism’ material, which includes killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, anyplace and without any props! These effects and more have been designed with one outcome in mind – to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks.

Finally, there is a performance-only of Mark’s all-time favourite creation: Limelight – the incredible routine which makes an absolute star of the spectator. This is a must-see performance!

 PLEASE NOTE: Whilst there is some very minimal crossover with Mark’s Penguin or Murphy’s lectures (the couple of tricks everyone simply MUST see live!) this lecture features a TON of new material, plus full explanations of several of Mark’s marketed effects.



Doors open at: 6:30pm

Lecture starts at: 7:00pm

Free for members, £12 for non-members


See you all there!


27th of September – Fool Us

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Hello everyone!

This is the annual Fool Us evening, where you have a chance to fool the one and only Lee Hathaway. So bring your best trick, in an attempt to fool him.


Doors: 18:30

Meeting start: 19:30


Hope to see everyone there!


13th of September – Magic Clinic

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Hello everyone!

This meeting is the Magic Clinic. Bring your work in progress, be it stage or close up and get some feedback and suggestions from other members.

Hope to see all of you then!


23rd of August – Magic Free For All

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This meeting is a Magic Free For All, so come along and show us what you’ve been tinkering with, and regale us with stories of your summer holiday.

See you all there!


9th of August – Mentalism Night

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Hello everyone!

We got the annual Mentalism Night coming up, so come down and perform some mind related tricks.

Meeting starts at 19:30 (as usual)

See you all there!



Fay Presto Lecture 26/7/16

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So on Tuesday 26th July 2016 we will have Fay Presto Lecturing at the club.  This is a must see lecture and will be full of useful advice and real world workable material from a legendary working professional.

Doors 6:30pm
Start 7pm

£12 for non members and as usual, free for paid up members.

See you all there!

12th of July – Ron Schimmel Pocket Trick Drive

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The members perform one trick 4/5 times around the tables and get marked by other members. With a prize for the winner.
So get thinking and find an awesome trick to do!

See all of you there (or some at least)!


All the best,


28th of June – From Under Bob’s Sink

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This evening is usually a lot of fun. Bob will bring with him an assortment of “stuff”, not magic stuff, mind you, but a lot of different household “stuff” (crap). Then we all try to come up with tricks using these items.

Come and bring your creative hat, or just come and watch some of the other members come up with stuff.

Have a laugh and enjoy some (possibly) good magic!



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Congratulations to Daniel Stanbridge, who won the card competition 2016!

And thank you to all the contestants, it was a good competition, as I’m sure we can all agree.